Thursday, 21 August 2014

This email contains my bullsh*t excuses

I wanna start off with apologising to you.

I didn't email yesterday and I know how you love yourself a little
daily slice of Ian toast.

I failed in our commitment bond but there's lessons to be found.

This week I have my 8 year old going on 18 daughter - Tiana.

I have her week on, week off during the summer hols.

And I know I don't have to tell you what it's like during the
school holidays right.

Yesterday I got home after my early morning session with all the
intentions of writing my daily email.

Something cropped up, so I thought I'll do it in a little while.

Tiana then wakes up.

I have to get her ready for her annual Nanny & Grand Daughter shoe
shopping day.

So being the Dad I am I get her dress looking like a multi coloured
dream coat, get the hoover out and put her hair in a legendary pony

Off she goes.

Ok, time for the email after my dinner. I finished dinner then
starts f*cking about with the hoover filters like the geek I am to
get a turbo sucking hoover.

Basically I put everything else in front of doing the thing I
needed to do, to the point I got home from sessions at 7:30pm and
did naff all all night and was a reet lazy buggar.

Excuses after bullshit excuse.

I bit like when you wanna exercise.

You find everything possible to do before it's too late and it goes
by the way side.

One day won't harm, I'll do it tomorrow...365 tomorrows go by and
still no exercise and by now your so pissed off with yourself,
unhappy and sluggish that you can't be arsed doing ought.

Too many tomorrow excuses turn you into one of them bad ass
keyboard warriors in time, that tell everyone else that they're fat
and need to do something about it.

Or that everything's a scam cos she couldn't possibly lose weight
that easy.

I'm gonna tell you something right now that you may not believe.

Losing weight is easy.

You can find out how to lose weight from anywhere nowadays.

The hard bit is having the accountability. You can find an
abundance of it here BTW

The hard bit is doing it week in, week out.

I know you, your wired up to have a start and end date diet.

Once you've achieved your target it's back to 'normal' eating.

Back to I'll do it tomorrow.

I'm nothing special, I have a mentor that keeps me accountable and
today your reading my email.

I'm not letting my fuck up from yesterday effect me.

Straight back to it.

Because doing the small things, the things that you don't always
wanna do.

The consistent shit.

WILL get you the result you want.

Ian 'Bullshit radar' Foran

PS. Tomorrow I'm gonna tell you the story of my sister and her
fella I promised you about this week.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I used to fall asleep and wake up in Europe

I used to love getting on a plane.

I'd always get the window seat, take my trainers off and nod off
for the duration.

For some reason flying makes me sleepy.

I'd wake up fresh as a daisy in another country.

That's all changed!

I have to fight with Tiana for the window seat, I always end up
losing and stuck in the middle.

Lianne's scared off taking off and landing so I have my hand
squeezed to the point that stops the blood flow.

I have to answer the question 'what was that noise' every shitting
two minutes.

Oh, it'll just be the wheels is my standard answer or I'm not a
f*cking pilot if I'm fed up of answering.

I always wonder why Lianne puts herself through it everytime.

I mean she HATES flying.

Makes her really nervous the night before.

I asked her last week.

She said I want the experiences, I'll go through it to feel and
experience the things I want.

Fair enough, you'd do the same right?

We have ladies joining us next week, You can join them by clicking
here a lot of them have said they're shitting it over how unfit
they're gonna feel.

They'll go through the uncomfortable bit, hopefully they won't
squeeze my hand - that'd be awkward.

But they'll go through it to experience having the confidence and
body they want.

Getting outta your comfort zone always makes things worth while in
the end.

Ian 'No more plane sleeps for me' Foran

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ian Goes Balls Deep In France

I've just come back from the south of France, to be honest I didn't
fancy it that much before I went.

But fuck me what a place, it's balls deep in money there.

We went on a day trip to Italy and Monaco...Monaco is outta this
world. It's my new favourite city!

Lambo's, Ferrari's, Porsche's all flying about. The Yachts are
amazing too, they're like cruise ships.

I'd move there in a second.

That's something I thought I'd never say. I had a HUGE hang up
about France ever since school. Didn't like the subject, couldn't
be arsed learning the language and swapped it for spanish half way

Always thought the French were up their own arses and proper

But to be fair I had a mint time and the people we met were really
helpful even when I tried in my best Heywood/French accent to order
food or drinks.

I made an assumption without really knowing the facts, everyone
guilty of it.

Get my daily email weight loss tips and free report here

You probably presume that cos I'm a trainer I eat chicken and
lettuce all day with protein shakes thrown in the mix - the latter
I do have.

I love a drink, I do eat shit food at weekends and guess what I
don't always train 1000000% of the time because like you I'm a real

I know my boundries though and a lot of women just don't. They see
one fuck up as an excuse to go all out for 3-4 days and then feel
guilty after and pissed off with themselves after.

You probably need a kick up the arse each week to get going.

I give that in abundance by the way.

It's that dreaded weekend that knackers everyone up.

It's all about the dedication and not letting you listen to your
own excuses.

If you wanna achieve it then go all out and get it!

Do not let yourself fail.

Ian 'France convert' Foran

P.S Check this video I did on changing your mind towards weight
loss -

Thursday, 12 June 2014

I went grey overnight last night!!!?

I was called a name that I'd never been called before;

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A Professor of weight loss<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Pretty cool huh!?

I instantly grew wild grey hair, a mad moustache and woke up in a white overcoat.

From now on my name shall be ...
                                                             'The mad Fit-proFESSOR'  

I'll hurriedly walk the wild streets of Heywood looking to enrol women in to my TLFRevolution university, where when inside shit gets real.

I'll inject them with some kinda weird purple energy injection.

The side effects will be truly gruesome.

But firstly I'll lock them away for 28 days in a cage to lift weights, eat nutritious foods and feel better about themselves.

I may drip feed them some information at night while they sleep on some crazy, insane science about the body and how to use it so it works for them.

They will be my subjects.

I shall nurture them, assess them, test them and track there progress.
If they show any signs of falling off this horrible experience they will be subject to a a verbal lashing of motivation.

I may inject them with another injection half way through, this time red & full of self esteem.

Once the 28 days is up and my experiment is over I will release them from their cages and send them back into the wild, a stone lighter, feeling buzzing and probably naked.

Some may not want to leave - but they're the sick twisted bitches who I'll thrive off. That's when I'll then turn them into toned, sexy machines who eat scales for breakfast.

Those bitches be crazy y'all

Ian 'the mad fit-proFESSOR' Foran

In 3 weeks I've created a 40+ strong team of rebellious women who eat scales for breakfast.

Re-formatted TLF training to incorporate weights for faster results.

Weighed, measured, took fat% & assessed from said women.

Individualized all their nutrition.

Made them all feel amazing.

It's Time to go again!

DO you want to enrol in the #tlfrevolution University?

We want 9 women who want to drop at least a stone in 28 days.

Starting next week we're continuing our challenge 'rebellion' for 9 females to drop a combined 140lbs in 28 days.

Be warned there's some shit side effects like increased energy, confidence and having to buy new clothes.

The price is £48

The days are mon,wed & thurs (morning or night)

Head here if you accept the challenge -

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why I Only Help Women Lose Weight...

Okay so it’s a question I get asked a lot of the time…

’Ian,why do you only train women?’

So today I thought I’d let you in on how and why I help frustrated women get out of the diet cycle.

Did you know when I first started out as a fit pro, I targeted men with my big tyre, battle rope style of training but the people who were interested in that was women. Women loved the ruggedness off it and I buzz that they were flipping tractor tyres and breaking their nails to drop weight.

You see I soon found out that men are dicks to train, they know best and rarely listen to advice (sound familiar LOL). I was never that into to testosterone fuelled ‘getting massive’ mindset...for me there was no satisfaction out of that, I’ll tell you what satisfied me the most later on…

After I had my realisation moment of training women, I needed to know exactly what made them tick. You like most women are scales driven – if the scales don’t move down the diet shit right?

But here’s the thing most women are fucked up, years of dieting jumping from one thing to the next will play with your emotions, hormones and mindset <<< Here’s where I knew was the deep down underlying issue!

I’ve spent years looking into every aspect of weight loss for women - hormone manipulation, spot reducing (yes it can be done), The dreaded time of the month effects on your body, water retention, mindset, habitual coaching to name a few things because I believe in this simple thought process

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SIMPLE THOUGHT PROCESS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If I needed to have a brain operation (maybe a brain transplant ;P) I would want a brain surgeon Not a general practitioner.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SIMPLE THOUGHT PROCESS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Do you get what I’m saying!?

I’m not a jack of all trades, master of none type of fit pro. I read several books, re educate myself regularly, make sure I know that if a women comes to me with a problem I know exactly how to deal with the situation.

Would you pay someone £99 a month to throw you a general food plan and chuck some exercises your way?

'Pay peanuts, get monkeys'
I actually love training women, the reward for taking them out of the diet cycle that they’ve been in for years and helping them achieve their goals is what satisfies me the most.

That sense of achievement when I receive a text to thank me for fitting in a dress size they never thought possible again.

Growing their confidence, helping them enjoy life again, all of it makes my ‘work’ worth while. Could I do this if I was ‘specialising’ in helping men & women with muscle growth, fat loss, strength building & rehabilitation??

To some it all up read below...

-------------------------MISSION STATEMENT----------------------- 

I help women over 25 come out of the diet cycle to free their inner self’s and finally achieve the goals they set out with by taking them on a journey of accountability and guidance so that they can once again feel healthy, toned and energised.

-------------------------MISSION STATEMENT-----------------------

If you want freeing from the cycle, you can download my free weight loss report on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And give us a like on our facebook page -!/TLFFitness


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

95% Of People Secretly Eat...Are You One of Them?

So today I want to talk about a subject that’s quite close to the bone, something you may or may not have experienced or be experiencing.


95% of people secretly eat in some way, I’ve done it in the past and it’s not a nice feeling at all. I personally felt like shit doing it but it is addictive. I want to share my experience with you and hopefully  reach out to you.

I’m gonna tell you why I secretly ate, how it made me feel and why I did it & what I did to overcome it

During my low period I secretly ate. Main reason was that I’m a fit pro and eating shit is not cool!

I used it to comfort myself, it was like a double life sometimes. In one world I’m a fitpro who’s healthy, fit and full of energy,. The other world I’m a binge eater, moody and sneakily shuffling food down my gob.

Sometimes it felt like a split personality!

Do you feel like this? Does it tear your world apart?

I believe there’s one of two reasons why we secretly eat. One is the getting away with it factor, secretly eating is like a buzz to know that you’ve got away with eating something that no one knows about, I think that’s why it becomes addictive.

Or two that you don’t want the outside world to see what you eat you want to portray that your something, which your clearly not

It can be quite hard to keep it up, hiding wrappers, binge eating when you have the chance to eat alone, lying to yourself about what your eating and justifying it in some deranged way.

Do you get anxious when your hungry and want a binge feed  but people are around?

So how do you get out of this dark cycle?

It’s tough I’m not gonna lie and it’s gonna take a lot of strength to break out of it but it’s do able with the right support network

It all starts with you, you are the problem and you are the solution. Want to stop something you, need to stop jusitying it.

Be open with your closet person in your life make them aware of why you do it, you’ll feel relief and a sense of openiess to the world. Secret eating is like a habit to break, the habit you have to look back at the path in which led you to where you are now.

Whats the point that you started?

Work back, then work forward.

Let people into your life and let them help – reap the benefits.
You’d do the same for your friends right?

Look I know its hard, I’ve been there, I’ve fought it (and still fighting it sometimes), I felt the buzz but I’ve had to break the habit and let others help me on my journey.
If your not ready to let people in yet

I’m always here to reach out to, email me, facebook me, tweet me – whatever I’m here if you need.

Stay strong and fight the fight

Thursday, 7 March 2013

An Inspiring Story From Member of the Month - Afsheen

Hey there, I just got this amazing story from January's member of the month - Afsheen Ashraf, I can't praise her and her efforts enough, have a read and be inspired!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Afsheen <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Well, I’m just going to get right into the meat of it…It was at the age of 3 years old when I was diagnosed with a having a ‘growth hormone deficiency’, which basically meant I was injecting growth hormone into my body until I was around 15-16 years old.  I had 6 monthly check-ups with the doctors at the hospital and from around the age of 13, I was told I needed “to lose weight”.  Apparently with my lack of natural growth hormone, it was harder for me lose the excess weight!

So as a kid who knew absolutely nothing about nutrition, I dived straight into it with the “starvation diet”, I thought by not eating much, I would lose weight.  Which yes, I did!  However, I would only last around 2-3 days before I would give in and have a MASSIVE binge!!  When I was around 15 years old, the Doctor’s offered me some free slimming club vouchers, so obviously, I gave that a go! I was pleasantly surprised….I ended up losing around 2 stones.  But as soon as I got to my goal, a “comfortable weight/size”, I started to eat the way I did before.  I hadn’t really been educated about foods properly, in fact as long as I lost a little bit of weight, I would get a pat on the back by the slimming club “leader” (it didn’t really matter to them HOW I lost the weight, just as long as the number on the scales was going down)!!  So I ended up piling all the weight back on….plus some extra, so back I went to the slimming club, only to do  the exact same thing as I had done before – I did this for around 8 years!!  I could definitely be classed as a yo-yo dieter!! I have tried every fad diet out there and all that would happen… was that I’d pile the weight back on twice as quick!  I then joined the gym…what I thought was my last hope of getting in shape and actually getting somewhere with my body.  I was given the conventional workout programme as everyone else, around 20-30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the crosstrainer & rower.  I would do the workout and think I had earned myself that extra slice of cake!  No wonder I NEVER got anywhere near achieving the goals I had set out to!!

THEN came the turning point, my friend had sent me a picture of me on a friends party.  I thought I looked ok on the day, but when I saw that picture…..well let’s just say I got a HUGE dose of reality!!  I couldn’t hide from it (like I did from the mirrors every day) – it was staring me in the face and I KNEW I needed to do something about it….and pronto!!  This was the time I found TLF Fitness, they were doing a 28 day Coaching Programme (FYI – Find Your Inner-self), and I instantly knew I needed to jump on board!! What attracted me to them in particular, was the fact they incorporated exercise AND nutrition into their programme, unlike the slimming clubs! You can see my results below ;) 

They helped me a lot on my mindset, as well as encouraging and motivating me so much so that I’m still there today (3 months later)!  I was given the help & support to break away from the vicious diet cycle that I was stuck in.  Slowly, slowly I was encouraged to change my habits, rather than plunging me into the deep end!  A major factor I overcame was breaking away from the emotional attachment I had with food!  I no longer turn to food to ‘solve any of my problems’….I have totally changed the way I view food & drink! I was always worried that I would miss my “junk foods”, but I was always given an alternative for my favourite foods: burger & chips, spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips etc…I even enjoy chocolate within my set nutrition plan.  My main point is, is that it NEVER feels like I am missing out or being deprived…which avoids any binging!!!  I have been taught so much about food – their positive and negative effects on my body!  Education has been a key factor!!  I think that’s why I have been able to stick to this nutrition plan; I simply ENJOY eating the foods on it!

If I faced any problems in my personal life, I was always given the encouragement I needed by you guys, to just carry on and look out for number one & to overcome any issues I had WITHOUT using food as an emotional blanket.  You’re so right, if I’m happy with myself, it is so much easier to make the people around me happy too!! ;)

To date I have lost over 40 inches & 25lbs and I’m STILL going…the fact I enjoy it, it just feels like the best and most natural method of getting into the best shape of my life.  Getting your dream body takes time, but on this coaching programme I have been taught the correct methods of achieving my goals…my dream body!!  It’s the balance between…good nutrition & exercise – I have been taught this is at the base of achieving my long term goals. 

You’ve helped to turn my life around for the better, and I can’t thank you enough for that!  I KNOW I will achieve the goals I set myself.  Even if there are ups & downs throughout my journey, with your help & support, I’m sure I’ll get through them all and will get the body I have always desired :)

My results from  the first set of 28 days….

My results from the second set of 28 days….